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The Short Stories

Just finished the 1st of the short stories for the add on book… Or books and started two more this morning.   I thought it was going to be this one story, but as usually, I have no control over where it goes, so it turned into a different one.  I’ll try and go back to the first concept later.    I was trying to write about Pete, but Fabian got in the way.   He does that, but I don’t really mind…  They’re all so much fun to play with.

Sent the story off to a few more friends… Guy friends, so I can get their opinion.

So far, all the girls that I know who’ve read it have enjoyed it, but I want a few more male comments. Not to disparage Matt or Marcel in the slightest, but Matt being my twin brother is probably a little biased.  🙂  he’s very good for my ego though.

One of these days I’m going to get him and his wife out to the farm.  I really want the guys to meet him/them.   I’ve never gotten to meet Matt’s wife, but I want to thank  Her for taking such good care of him.   I think Dean is slightly intimidated by the idea, since I’ve spoken so highly of Matt for all this time.