An energy ball… In the guys colors

An energy ball... In the guys colors

Half a Million!

This morning I finished the fifth of the short stories that come after the four main books.   It was a hard story to tell… almost as hard as that part was to tell the first time.  But Tiberius was right… and things are better now.  

I also topped half a million words total 507K to be exact…  Dean really thinks it’s funny that I keep track.   He impolitely pointed out that he passed 5 million words some thousand years ago, and if I wanted to, I could go and count the words inthe scrolls inthe library.   I declined… and stuck my tongue out at him.  Big show off.  

Fabian’s Thanksgiving Sausages – They were awesome! Fabe is a genius!

Fabian's Thanksgiving Sausages


Finished another short story last night.   Working on the third one today.   And this time… It will be about Pete!

Fabian however made these great sausages that Ren and I had while we were on vacation at Victoria Falls, Zambia…  It’s called Thanksgiving sausage.   He said he would teach us how to make them tonight if we wanted.  I admit it… I suck at cooking, but Fabian is very patient.  If its good, I’ll post pics.  I’ve never made sausage before.    In true Fabian style… I’m sure there will be all sorts of jokes concerning sausages…  especially since it’s Ren/Fabian’s night tonight.

perhaps I’ll just have some cake…. 

The Short Stories

Just finished the 1st of the short stories for the add on book… Or books and started two more this morning.   I thought it was going to be this one story, but as usually, I have no control over where it goes, so it turned into a different one.  I’ll try and go back to the first concept later.    I was trying to write about Pete, but Fabian got in the way.   He does that, but I don’t really mind…  They’re all so much fun to play with.

Sent the story off to a few more friends… Guy friends, so I can get their opinion.

So far, all the girls that I know who’ve read it have enjoyed it, but I want a few more male comments. Not to disparage Matt or Marcel in the slightest, but Matt being my twin brother is probably a little biased.  🙂  he’s very good for my ego though.

One of these days I’m going to get him and his wife out to the farm.  I really want the guys to meet him/them.   I’ve never gotten to meet Matt’s wife, but I want to thank  Her for taking such good care of him.   I think Dean is slightly intimidated by the idea, since I’ve spoken so highly of Matt for all this time.

First step toward publishing

Talked to a lovely young man at today, about publishing options.   He had all sorts of ideas, some of which are even good.   I’m going to have all four of the books evaluated in an editorial sort of way, which will give me info about improving each individual book, and since the same person is going to be reading all four… An over all look at the series as an arc.

He also recommended getting started on the art for the cover of book one now, so by the time the editorials are done, book one will be read to assemble.   They’re recommending the line editing service as well, but they charge a lot… And with four books, it comes out to like 13K!!!  I have the brilliant Marcel Fromond as my copy editor… and he’s doing an awesome job… So I think I’ll skip that part.    

Oh, and book 1 has an ISBN number! 


I’m not a blogger, hell, I’m not even a writer… But I’m told this is what writers do.  So I’m learning to blog.

The four books are almost done.  I started them on April 2nd, and wrote the last page on Sept 11.  Now we edit.  I have some great people helping me do that, and I’ve looked into publishing options… Looks like I’m going with Amazon, doing the online thing.   There will be trade paperbacks too, but only because I want to hold them in my hands!   And because Ren wants copies in the library for us, and the kids.

This is all new to me, and scary as anything.

But Dean tells me I should publish it, who knows what other half breeds we’ll find this way.   Fabian just wants me to be finished so I’ll pay attention to them again.  Men are so demanding… Especially husbands.

Pete has taught me the difference between Then and Than..   he laughs at quite a few of my other mistakes too, but as the books have gone on, I’ve gotten much better.