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A short story…

One of the women in the writers group I attended last night is participating/running/helping with a Kickstarter project called The Weird Wild West. It’s an anthology of stories that have a theme based on the old west, whether it’s Cowboys in outer space or simply has aliens in our world. And since the project funded way over the top of their goal, they opened up a few slots for new stories. So I thought… Did any of my Riders do something during that time period?

Pete had a very unique story about that. It surprised (and kind of sickened me.) I really try not to hold their pasts against them but sometimes it’s difficult. I mean I know he’s personally responsible for quite a lot of the plagues that have ravished our world, but it’s easier to think in the abstract than hear about an individual experience like this one.

Anyway… I’ll let you know if it’s chosen. But you should check out the project.
It’s going to be a great book, lots of talented writers involved.

At Dean’s urging I submitted two short excerpts, one from one of the books and one from a (not so) short story that happens after The Book of Ren, to the WNBA (Women’s National Book Association… Not the basketball people) I had a really hard time fitting the guide lines. They want a maximum of 3K words and my short stories generally go way beyond that. I finished one last night that was just over 25K (But I can’t tell you about it yet. I’m not ready to. It’s a really sad memory, and the wound is still too fresh.)

That’s part of why I’m doing all this writing. It means I don’t have to think too much about right now. Ren said it would help me deal with stuff. It’s not like I can go talk to a psychiatrist about the Riders of the Apocalypse, not if I don’t want to end up back in a mental institution. (Seriously to be avoided.) Fabe actually has a doctorate in psychology, but I can’t exactly talk to him about everything since he’s a big part of the issues I’m having trouble with it right now. And I haven’t seen him in… I’m not sure how long. He disappeared after… but no, not talking about that yet. One of these days.

I have to figure out what to do with all the short stories…

Pete is almost Ready

So, obviously I’m not so good with the blogging thing. I’ve been so busy writing the books and taking care of the farm that I totally forgot to get back to this thing.

The first volume, The Book of Dean was published on Sepember 21st, 2014… The Book of Fabian was published on December 21st, 2014.
Pete is set to launch on March 21st, 2015, and Ren will be released on June 21st, 2015.

It’s exciting… And crazy. I never imagined writing anything, and then having it published?

I’ve written a few more short stories… Other memories of things we’ve done together and even things from before I met the guys.

I admit that I love seeing the reviews on Amazon, and am amazed that people like the stories. I hope there will be more (stories… Though I’ll take more nice reviews as well)

I love writing. I never expected to, but it’s just another art form. Like sculpting wood with Ren in the shop, this is sculpting with words.

I’ve learned so much more about writing as I’ve done this, hopefully for the better.

As I said, Pete is almost ready (the book, not the man) I’m still going through the manuscript looking for typos. I use the word SO too often… and apparently put in too many exclamation points. It will get better. I’m young… And immortal, so I have lots of time 🙂