First step toward publishing

Talked to a lovely young man at today, about publishing options.   He had all sorts of ideas, some of which are even good.   I’m going to have all four of the books evaluated in an editorial sort of way, which will give me info about improving each individual book, and since the same person is going to be reading all four… An over all look at the series as an arc.

He also recommended getting started on the art for the cover of book one now, so by the time the editorials are done, book one will be read to assemble.   They’re recommending the line editing service as well, but they charge a lot… And with four books, it comes out to like 13K!!!  I have the brilliant Marcel Fromond as my copy editor… and he’s doing an awesome job… So I think I’ll skip that part.    

Oh, and book 1 has an ISBN number! 

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