I’m not a blogger, hell, I’m not even a writer… But I’m told this is what writers do.  So I’m learning to blog.

The four books are almost done.  I started them on April 2nd, and wrote the last page on Sept 11.  Now we edit.  I have some great people helping me do that, and I’ve looked into publishing options… Looks like I’m going with Amazon, doing the online thing.   There will be trade paperbacks too, but only because I want to hold them in my hands!   And because Ren wants copies in the library for us, and the kids.

This is all new to me, and scary as anything.

But Dean tells me I should publish it, who knows what other half breeds we’ll find this way.   Fabian just wants me to be finished so I’ll pay attention to them again.  Men are so demanding… Especially husbands.

Pete has taught me the difference between Then and Than..   he laughs at quite a few of my other mistakes too, but as the books have gone on, I’ve gotten much better.

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